House Breaking Guide

Your new Shih Tzu is already potty trained and ready to go outside. All she needs now is positive reinforcement from you and to be adjusted to your schedule.

The following will help you be successful in getting your new Shih Tzu completely house broken and adjusted to your schedule.

The Crate: The crate is your new Shih Tzu safe haven and also her personal space. Dog usually do not want to eliminate in their own space this is one of the main tools that will help you in being successful in house breaking your new Shih Tzu. I also want to inform you that the cage should not be used as a punishment.

First thing in the morning when you wake up your new Shih Tzu needs to be taken outside. Be patient with him or her and pay close attention to her because it is really difficult to tell if she has eliminated due to her small size and puffy hair. She should do both urinate and poop. If your new Shih Tzu does not do both she should be feed and put back in the crate for one hour. Once she has been placed in the crate for an hour take her back out, and be patient with him or her until he or she has done both,  urinate and poop or whatever one she did not do previously. At this point your new Shih Tzu is ready to be free to play.

Once your new Shih Tzu has eliminated outside both urinate and poop she should be free to play outside of the crate for up to 2 hours. Give your new Shih Tzu fresh clean water as needed.
At the 2 hour mark your new Shih Tzu needs to be taken out again to keep her from eliminating in the house. At this point you can make a decision whether or not she should go in the crate or you will continue to allow her to play outside of her crate.
The key here is to take Your new Shih Tzu out every 2 hours and stretch the time out to every 3,4 and 5 hours until you train her to hold it until you get home.

Sophie’s Feeding Guide

Sophie should be feed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.
Stick with one brand of dog food.
Sophie is about 2.5 pounds and only needs ¾ of a cup of food twice a day.